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Whatever your fish keeping background, be it expert or beginner AMC Aquatics offers everything to allow you to achieve reproducible success. At AMC Aquatics we specialise in Marine, Inverts, Corals, Tropical and Coldwater Fish.  - Everything for the Fishkeeper.

Aquarium Maintenance Services

We provide expert aquarium maintenance for all types of fish tanks.  Throughout the years we have earned our reputation for reliability and unparalleled service.  Our dedicated team will help to maintain and look after your aquarium, whether it be freshwater, marine or a coral reef system. Excellent aquarium maintenance services for commercial and domestic installations at highly competitive rates.

Aquariums & Accessories

We offer a range of aquariums to suit all budgets and we also specialise in bespoke made to order aquarium systems. Tanks and stands are available and we have a wide variety of styles and colours that will blend in with any furniture. We also offer a tank delivery and set up service which is available upon request. We also stock a wide range of quality fish tank accessories, including heaters, water pumps, tank filters, fish bowls, fish food, plants and fish tank gravel.

Cold & Tropical Fish

AMC Aquatics stock a large selection of tropical fish which may be suited to community or species only tanks.  Our stocks include but are not limited to Cichlids, Tetras, Plecostomus, Snails, Oscars, Cat Fish, Clown fish, Tropical Sharks, Angel Fish and Goldies.  Our cold water stock usually includes goldfish, koi and black mollies, etc.


Marine Fish, Coral and Invertebretes

In-store we have two coral tables, totalling (300 gallons) are a comprehensive display of soft and hard corals. We are stockist's of leading brands within our dry goods section, aquarium accessories, frozen food, test kits, additives, etc... Our live rock is fully cured ' Grade AAA+' - and comes highly recommended. Salt and RO Water is always available. Diagnostic Water testing available. Red Sea Reef Care Programme range .


Aaron O'Neill


When in today as always loved fish but had bother trying to keep them alive always tried hard but to no avail, went in to the shop today spoke with a lovely bloke behind the counter who was able to answer me and my spouse's questions with ease and just cleared all the questions I had up and was able to sort me out with everything I needed and tell me exactly what to do! Even said if you have any bother just give us a ring! Top quality shop with top quality customer service will definitely be going back for anything I need and more fish fact! Would recommend this place to anyone who's looking to start off like me or experienced as also has a very impressive selection of fish whatever your in the market for!

Lee Logue


As a first time aquarium owner I done what most people do and shop around.. although 10mins in Andy's company I learnt far more than I ever did anywhere else... So easy to talk to and although I have no real knowledge of fish keeping I learnt so much from him... Definitely recommend him, don't waste time shopping around go straight here... This man knows his stuff and will keep ye right no question seems to daft to ask

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7 Linenhall St, Limavady BT49 0HQ

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